The Oldest GLBT Organization in Southern Colorado -- The Highest Court in All the Land!

The purposes of this Corporation shall be to conduct charitable or public service projects to benefit legitimate charities, and in so doing to provide social and charitable activities for the benefit of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and to do anything necessary and proper for the accomplishment of these purposes.
Lifetime Title Holders

1. In Memory of Lord Protector: Sylvester Batton

2. Imperial Godmother; Mother Suprema: Billie Cassandra

3. Father of the Court: Chuck

4. Artist of the Realm: Dennis Lujan

5. The First Ebony Prince for Life: David "Sugar Bear" Connors

6. The Glitter Stallion Prince: Ricky Montoya

7. The Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Joe Brady

8. In Memory of the Dragon Prince and Pillar of the Empire: Tom Gehling

9. Lady Protector of the Throne for Life: Lily Langtree

10. Queen Grandmother for Life: Lily Langtree

11. First Lady to Emperor 7 for Life: Jaydenne

12. The Living Legend of All Legends to All Empresses for Life: Tracy Dianne

13. The Imperial Minister of Patience and Support for Life: Chris West

14. The Imperial Minister of Friendship: Bruce Mitchell

15. Rainbow Cowboy of Longevity: Norm Relaford

16. In Memory of the Prince of Love and Dedication for Life: Ed Sells

17. Count of Nobility for Life: Greg Varner

18. Prince of the Realm for Life: David Bartlet

19. Protector and Defender of the Court's Artistic Values and Standards for Life: Ken Barker

20. The Diamond Dolphin of Excellence and Energy for Life: Doug Lewis

21. Imperial Grand Duke for Life to Empress 24: Lowe Graver

22. Imperial Grand Duchess for Life to Empress 24: Mikala Rah

23. Czarina of Strength and Dedication for Life: Susan Quilleash Murphy McEntire

24. Grand Papa for Life to all of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Michael Graczyk

25. In Memory of Former King Fathers of the United Court of the Pikes Peak Empire: John Renn, Geno Riddle

26. In Memory of Honarary Empress for Life: Causha Lee Victoria

27. Mother to All Empresses for Life: Arial Lee McEntire

28. Grand Duke for Life to Empress 27: Paul Parson

29. Grand Duchess for Life to Empress 27: Monica

30. Daddy Bruce for Life: Bruce Littrell

31. The Sterling Silver Guardian of Courage for Life: Don Lacey

32. The Fire and Ice Phoenix for Life: Michael Cornejo

33. Ruby Red Raspberry Prince for Life: Rett Chandler Rasberry

34. Mom to UCPPE for Life: Nancy Davenport

35. Emerald Eyed White Tigress of Family and Devotion: Cassidy Rose

36. Black Pearl of the Southern Orient: Destiny Ashley Gideon

37. The Imperial Jewel of Personality: Gigi Rae

38. Devine Slipper of Elegance: Fontana Devine

39. Lord Protector of Empress's for Life: Emperor 26, Jack Murphy

40. Mother to all Court Members for Life: Patricia Rothblatt

41. Mother to all Empress's for Life: Cindy Lopez

42. The Black Onyx Wolf, Lord Protector of all Colorado's Emperor's Courage for Life: AJ Miller

43. Defender of the Rights and Honor of Southern Colorado GLTB Community for Life: The Honorable Marylou Makepeace.

44. Papa to All Empresses for Life: Ralph Chapman

45. Papa for Life to All Emperors for Life: Ralph Chapman

46. The Legendary Guardian and Protector of the Emperors Hopes, Dreams and Reality: Brandi East

47. The First Imperial Princess of Love, Laughter and Life: Rachel East

48. Keeper of Empress XXXII's Heart: Roy Merkle

49. Lion Prince for Life: Anthony Garcia

50. Lord and Master of Strength and Devoted Service to Mankind: David Sellon

51. Lord and Master of Service and Devotion to the United court of the Pikes Peak Empire: Ralph Chapman

52. Driver to All Empresses for Life: James Gideon

53. Lord and Master of Strength and Determination: Mark Merriman

54. The Lord of Mirth and Devoted Friendship for Life: Kirk Lizusso

55. The Lord of Undying Service and Excellence for Life: Rick Rhody

56. The Guardian Angel of the Peak and to Southern Colorado Empresses for Life: Sophia DeVille

57. The Imperial Shinning Star of Devotion for Life: Star Kirkland

58. Royal Son to Emperor 35 for Life: Tori Cuddigan

59. Son-In-Law to Emperor 35 for Life: Travis Henderson

60. Prince and Adopted Son to Empress 35 for Life: Anthony Merkle

61. The Imperial Knight of Strength and Courage to Empress 35 for Life: Creede McQueen
62. Imperial Mentor to Emperor 36 for Life: Charlie Davenport
63. Imperial Daughter of Loyalty to Emperor 36 for Life: Joan Paul